Volt Bremen

Information on the elections 2023 in Bremen

Volt is the new voice of Bremen.

Volt is the European party. Pan-European responses are needed to successfully address the great challenges of our time. We are active all over Europe and learn from each other. Progressive politics that strives for fairness and solidarity in our society.

Politics with a positive view on Bremen, committed to a climate-neutral and just community. One that prioritizes education across all sectors and stands up for a vibrant democracy. We stand for Europe and for Bremen. It's time for new politics.

Vote Volt on May 14th in Bremen!

Meet us - get to know us! We are a colorful, diverse team. We are passionate about bringing a new drive into the Bremen parliament. Climate justice and equal opportunity education are our passion. Interested? Then follow us on social media or visit us at an information stand in the city.

Your candidates for Bremen:

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The best from Europe for Bremen.

We are networked across Europe and want to apply existing solutions from other cities and regions. We call this approach "best practice". You can find our ideas for Bremen with best practices from other countries in our election programme:

Our focus

Fostering our little ones.


Early childhood education is the prerequisite for a successful school career, especially for children from less privileged households.

  • More dual training classes for educators for early practical experience and additional support in the groups.
  • Compulsory last daycare year for all children, to convey the language and social skills needed for school-start.
  • More staff: One professional employee for three children under the age of three and two professional employees for 15 children over the age of three.

A new beginning for Bremen's schools.


Make schools attractive for students, teachers and all employees.

  • Combat the shortage of skilled workers by making cross-entry easy and by converting the teacher training course to a dual system.
  • Improve exam culture. More qualitative apprenticeship with reduced number of exams.
  • Actively connect sports clubs and local cultural workers with the schools.

A role model for climate protection.


The government must set an example for climate protection. Companies and private individuals must be supported in any action to achieve climate neutrality.

  • Check and implement photovoltaic systems, unsealing surfaces, green roofs and other energy-related measures on all public buildings and areas.
  • Facilitate funding applications and approval procedures for energy-related renovations with the help of digitalization.
  • Always link industrial subsidies with a commitment to climate protection.

Urban planning and mobility for togetherness.


A real turnaround in transport will only succeed if everyone's needs are taken seriously and addressed.

  • Make an immediate decision about the route of the tram in downtown Bremen. Create a continuous circuit and bicycle parking spaces.
  • Promote encounters and togetherness in decentralized district centers.
  • Improve cycle routes, especially from the outskirts of the city to the city center, and increase the frequency of public transport in order to promote the traffic turnaround.

Strengthen Bremen as a business location.


With a reliable and planning-safe environment, we strengthen the economy and promote innovations for sustainable management.

  • Counteract the shortage of skilled workers with faster work permits, recognition of qualifications and comprehensive training measures.
  • Expand digitalization of administration for simplified communication and faster approval processes.
  • Promoting green innovations, e.g. in the field of hydrogen.